Jane Burton
Ceramic Sculpture

Vessels and Sculptures by Jane Burton  





Jane Burton’s current body of work is a timeless examination of humankind through the female form. Through her gestural and towering totemic figures, we examine perceptions of who we are as individuals - how we present ourselves, how we appear, our gender socialization, our self-worth – our strength, perseverance, spirituality and aging. Her figures are public, yet private – strong yet vulnerable.

Burton has chosen clay for its primal, fluid and malleable nature. “I feel a connection in the clay body – its nature – and, intuition takes over. As the layers build upon each other and the pieces grow, they acquire their own spirits and our spirits connect. The exposed layers evoke layers of time, experiences and growth – the rhythm of life.”

Many of Burton's works are scribed in her hand – personal thoughts and perceptions on who we are and how we become what we are. Trained as a painter, the surfaces into which she writes are organic and complex layers of analogous or complimentary glazes and oxides applied, fired, etched and refired.

A San Francisco-based artist, Jane received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of California at Davis and graduate work in Graphic Design. Her work can be found both nationally and internationally in corporate collections, galleries and private collections.